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It is said that a bridal ring is as timeless of a treasure as the love that it represents.


Each of these distincitve pieces will create memories that will last a lifetime.


Stop in for your free bridal consultation to discover what cut, color, style and budget is right for you.

Halo diamond rings

What is the halo?

It's a style that has its roots in the heirloom ring you might find in your grandmother's jewelry box.

While bigger and bolder than a classic solitaire, this vintage style is currently trending and completely of the moment.

The halo expands the appearance of the center by as much as a half carat or more. Virtually all shapes and sizes of center diamonds may be accented with a halo – in your favorite choice of beautifully hand-crafted metal.

halo ring.jpg

Vintage  diamond rings

Are you in love with everything vintage?

From dresses to bathing suits to jewelry, vintage details are showing up everywhere.


For those engaged couples who are looking to bring a vintage look to their weddings, the best place to start is with the ring.


Vintage style diamond engagement rings are new engagement rings that are inspired by jewelry from romantic eras of the past.

 Solitaire diamond rings

Close your eyes and picture an engagement ring......What do you see?

If you are like many people, you see a Solitaire.

A beautifully elegant band holding a simply stunning diamond for all the world to see.


The solitaire is a classic and will never go out of style. Yet, the Solitaire can still be as unique as you are, as it accommodates nearly all sizes and shapes of center stones.


Settings vary from prong set to tension set and may be crafted in white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

19022fvwg-LE .75 ctw dia engage .5 ct ctr 14k WG.jpg

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